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Basic Subscription
monthly/1 user
Agency Subscription
monthly/up to 3 users
* Add $5 per month for each 2 users above 3.
Activity Coaching

Activity coaching is conducted via a LIVE community conference call once per week for 8 straight weeks. Each call is about 45 minutes. If you can't make the LIVE call, all calls are recorded allowing you to access and listen to them at your convenience.

Expect to learn how to fully use the System For IPA's to make sales process activity simple and more successful!

Add $50 per additional staff.

8 weeks / 45 minutes per week
* monthly subscription required
Customize Your Plan

If you don't have the time or patience to customize your processes for selling, then we will do it for you.

Share with us your ideas, vision, or word documents and in most cases, we will have your custom processes ready within 10 business days.

For more elaborate processes that exceed 8 hours of customization, there is an additional cost of $75 per hour. We will provide cost agreement before beginning work.

Typically, up to 12 custom processes
* monthly subscription required
Professional Coaching

Get the support and training needed to fully systematize your office.

Professional coaching will ensure your agency becomes comfortable and effective using processes for selling. You will learn about techniques and processes that make sales process activity simple and more successful.

We will customize processes as needed, set up your bonus schedule, share recorded calls, and show you how to fully use the System For IPA's to increase activity, performance, and overall sales success.

12 weeks / 1 hour per week
* monthly subscription required
Enrollment acknowledges that subscription will remain in effect until canceled in writing or by calling 303-986-5458. Upon canceling all charges will stop and you will be given confirmation number for your records.

Make Sales Process Activity Simple & More Successful.

System For IPA's

Success, Step By Step: System For IPA\'s Success, Step By Step: System For IPA\'s System For IPA\'s

About Todd Shafer

Mile High Insurance Brokers Principle owner of Mile High Insurance Brokers
Shafer Family In February of 1992, I married Korrin and am a proud father of four beautiful children. In 2017, we celebrated 25 years of marriage.
AAL I started my sales career with AAL in November of 1993. From 1994 to 1997, I ranked #1 in my agency, which represented Colorado, Utah and New Mexico. I was the #1 producer in total sales, life sales, broke the record for LTC and Disability sales, #2 in mutual fund sales and was the first agent in over 10 years to qualify for Executive Travel.
Dynamic Production Logo

Founded Dynamic Production in 1997 with one goal in mind... Go Produce Champions.


United States Marine 1989 - 1993

Awarded Navy Achievement Medal for professional achievement

Desert Storm Veteran

* The Marine Corps is where I first learned the power of processes

SO What Brothers

In 2007, I founded a cover band named the SO What Brothers. Today, we are recognized as one of Denver's best bands by both Westword, ABC Channel 7, and CBS Denver. We average over 65 shows each year, play all top venues, and in 2015 was asked to be the headline band opening night at the Colorado State Fair.

In 2017, 2014 & 2009 we were voted best band in Denver by A-List voters on ABC Channel 7.

Christine Photo Christine Routhier
  5 Stars

I was hesitant to be personally coached; but Dynamic Production definitely exceeded my expectations. Todd takes the fear and resistance out of the job and provides a very simple but effective approach to reaching potential clients. I saw an improvement on my first day with Dynamic Production's technique! Each good experience has increased my confidence and the results speak for themselves! It works!!

Bryan Photo Bryan Brown
  5 Stars

I have had a number of coaches in my 4 short years as an insurance agent. Todd Shafer definitely stands out from any other coach. He is great to work with and his system has allowed me to reach more clients and write more business. If you commit to his system I guarantee you will become a better sales person.

Bryan Photo Courtney Lovelace
  5 Stars

I only have good things to say about Dynamic Production. Todd is a fantastic coach, probably the best I've had the pleasure of working with. He is encouraging and has a way of inspiring me to pick up the phone and make my calls every day! And his process WORKS! Any one who wants to master their calls to building their book is going to want to work with Todd!

Audrey Smith-Wiberg Photo Audrey Smith-Wiberg
  5 Stars

Todd's system is AWESOME! He has taught us how valuable consistent and accurate tracking is in order to improve your processes and production! We LOVE his encouragement and his enthusiasm as our coach. Audrey @ State Farm Insurance

Sarah Photo Sarah B (Facebook Review)
  5 Stars

Dynamic Production has managed to cut my workload down tremendously. It allows me to track production in our office and compile commission seamlessly. I look forward to future developments that will continue to make this system above any other program I have ever used!

Kate Photo Kate C
  5 Stars

Great system! Easy to use and super easy to learn. VERY helpful in learning how to talk on the phones and lead to more sales! The program makes things a "no brainer". Anyone can learn from it and make sales! I personally love seeing the graphs and seeing my success!

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