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Professional Coaching

Todd Shafer by Todd Shafer © | May 11 2017

As your coach, I believe it's important to provide motivation and encouragement. However, my primary objective is to give you actionable steps that generate results and build success. I must provide you with an exact plan. One with well-defined steps and proven results. Without a plan, what I've discovered is that regardless of how excited, encouraged or motivated people become, they tend to fall back on doing things the way they always have. Processes and plans are what change behavior and increase results because they give you a pattern to repeat that ultimately develops greater skills, abilities, and results.

Below is an example of a well-defined plan for cold calling. I call it "The Let's Play Chess With A Checkmate Close Telephone Approach." I developed this process cold calling to sell insurance and can prove it's effectiveness and results with over 100 calls I recorded while using it. You can hear the type of results I'm getting by listening to my Real Cold Call Results podcast below.

Cold Call Process - System For IPA's

As I began the process of cold calling, I faced many roadblocks that made creating Quote opportunities almost impossible. Like actually getting a hold of somebody when dialing the phone, people saying okay when asking if I could give them a quote, getting all the information I needed to run a "good quote" and overcoming objections.

By having a well-defined process that is tracked within the System For IPA's I am able to see exactly what is happening. For example, within the Telephone Flashcards are buttons that make it easy to execute my plan for success and show me what percentage of times that button is being clicked. In the Telephone Flashcard below you can see that at the start step of my process I click the Confirm button 24.3% of the time (the number at the bottom right corner of the Confirm button). I click the Opening button 7%, No Answer / Line Busy 49.9% and Bad Number 16.8%. Stats like these are very helpful when developing a plan for success.

Telephone Flashcards Start Step | System For IPA's

Take a look at the chart below. When I started calling in December on 3.8% of my dials resulted in somebody actually saying hello. In January, this success rate increased to about 6%. It's very demoralizing and frustrating when it takes on average 16 plus dials to speak to one person. In December, I dialed the telephone 298 times and talked to 10 people. In January, I dialed 1,236 times and talked to 75 people. Thankfully, I was able to resolve this issue because of using the data within the Telephone Flashcard, Prime Calling Time and Source Resource ScoreCards™. Since February I have maintained a Dial To Ask success rate of 25% or better. It is much more fun to cold call with it only takes 4 dials and somebody says, "Hello."

Cold Call Success Rates | System For IPA's

An interesting fact I discovered while developing this process was that if the information I had about the person I was calling was inaccurate, my odds of getting a quote opportunity were slim to none. For example, when saying, "Hello Mary?" and the person said, "No. You must have the wrong number..." It was impossible to save this call. In December and January, much of my data was inaccurate, which played a big role in my low Dial to Ask success rates. To overcome this I tried using my opening technique and instead of my confirm technique when somebody answered their phone. So instead of saying, "Hello Mary?" I instead said, "Hi. This is Todd Shafer calling." This was better because of getting to avoid, "No. You must have the wrong number..." However, I could still sense reluctance. I could have said, "Hi. This is Todd Shafer with ______ insurance. How are you?" However, I've tested this technique and know it's bad. So I avoid it like the plague. I also tried just saying, "Hello?" This ultimately worked best when calling from a list that was routinely inaccurate. However, I never got higher than a 6% dial to ask success rate.

Thankfully, the System For IPA's can score your call list allowing you to see what lead source gives you the best and most accurate information. Using this ScoreCard we were able to find the best lead source, which played the biggest role in reaching a Dial to Ask success rate of better than 25%.

Another huge breakthrough came when placing disarm technique before every Ask. I will write about disarm technique later. For now, my focus is to show you that I can provide you with "Actionable Steps" to generate results and build your success. What this means is that I can give you exact technique, within an exact process, supported by recorded calls so that you can hear the technique being used and the result it produces. This type of coaching is what makes it possible to understand and follow a process that is proven to work. Working proven processes is how you change behavior and increase skill, ability, and results.

Cold Call Disarm | System For IPA's

Hear how easy it is to create new opportunities on a daily basis.

The System For IPA's makes perfecting processes for any kind of call, conversation or pivot simple and more successful. I use the cold call process I teach and have been able to maintain an ask to opportunity success rate of greater than 42%. Many months I'm above 50% and in May I hit a success rate of 65%. The secret is having a proven process that you can repeat over and over and expect the same results. To hear the type of results I'm getting you can listen to the Real Cold Call Results podcast above.

As your coach, I can help you develop effective/proven processes for turning your conversations into opportunities and sales. I am an expert in compartmentalizing conversation, using processes, and cause and effect. As a result, I can help you to quickly develop your plan, generate results and build your success. I practice what I preach and use the very system I teach. I believe this is what makes me an effective coach. For example, upon getting my Ask technique dialed in and adding rejection protection, checkmate question, and checkmate close to my cold call process, my Ask to Quote success rate climbed to greater than 40%. In February, I almost hit 50%. I think this is extraordinary and had no idea it was possible. However, I have achieved it through the power of processes and can teach you to do the same.

Are You Struggling With Any Of The Follow

  • Reaching your production goals?
  • Turning calls into sales?
  • Sticking with a plan of action?
  • Time or activity management?
  • Building and maintaining a good prospecting pool?

If you answered yes to any of the above, I can help you to resolve these issues, develop your plan, generate results and build success through well-defined processes and the System For IPA's. Click here to request contact or call me today at 303-986-5458.

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