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Is sales success important to you?

What does sales success mean to you?

What is your monthly income or production goal?


Are you routinely reaching your goal?

What would you say are the biggest roadblocks you face trying to reach your goal?

If I can provide you with a system and the how-to needed to beat your roadblocks, routinely do the activities that make you successful, all while learning to work less and make more, would you be open to change?

In sales, there is only one marketing strategy that guarantees a return for your time and effort. Do you know what it is?

The only marketing strategy that guarantees a return for your time and effort is ACTIVITY!

If you agree that activity is the key to your success, then what we're about to do is:

  • Discover (or rediscover) the most important activities in your business.
  • Discover and eliminate real roadblocks that cost you time, money and sales.
  • Discover techniques that make activity more successful and increase results.
  • Discover how to manage, monitor and master sales process activities with the System For IPA's.

What are the activities that make you successful?


The most obvious activity is sales. However, sales don't just happen, so we need to ask, what do we need in order to make sales?

Before a sale can be made, we must first have the opportunity to present our product. As with sales, opportunities don't just happen, so what must we do to create an opportunity?

For an opportunity to exist, we must first ask for that opportunity. If we're not fortunate to have people calling or coming to see us, what must we do to get an ask?

In most cases, to get an ask we must dial the telephone.

These are the activities (IPA's) that bring production and come together to form the sales process.

In your opinion, which is more important, activity or sales?

Because sales can't exist without activity this is what makes activity far more important than sales.

When you learn to manage, monitor and master sales process activity (IPA's) there is no limit to the level of success you can achieve. Especially, when you're able to duplicate it in others by providing them with the exact processes for how you did it.

System For IPA's

The only way to manage, monitor and master sales process activities (IPA's) is to systematize it.

  • Systematizing sales process activities starts with identifying and defining the steps needed to master sales process activities.
  • Identifying and defining steps will make it easy to structure, organize and track sales process activity.
  • Tracking is without question the first and most important step to sales success. From it comes the insight needed to beat roadblocks, improve techniques and ultimately master the activities that bring production.

If you do the work, you're going to get the reward.

Step 1: Verify that you're doing the work.

Erratic or low levels of activity are without question the #1 causes for erratic or low levels of production. The 20 Day Challenge fixes this problem by providing the focus, consistency and visuals needed to make activity a priority on a daily basis.

20 Day Challenge

Below is how it works:

  1. The red bar is the daily activity goal, which can easily be changed to any activity you want to view.
  2. The blue is the actual activity count for that day.
  3. At the top of the chart is your goal, average and today's activity.
  4. The challenge is to get your Average at or above the Goal.
  5. Meeting this challenge always has the same outcome, consistent and high levels of production.

Why the 20 Day Challenge works:

  • With each new day the first day in the challenge, which in this example is 5/13 with 12 ask, drops off.
  • A new day with no activity is added.
  • When you lose 12 ask and fail to replace them, then your average will drop (click image to see this happen).
  • Having this knowledge and knowing success depends on keeping the average at or above the goal creates the focus and motivation needed to get activity that we might not otherwise get.

20 Day Challenge

Why the 20 Day Challenge works:

  • As you accumulate activity you will experience a sense of progress, accomplishment and possibly some immediate results.
  • As you inch closer and closer to your goal you will develop an activity mindset that becomes difficult to break and will keep you getting the activity that makes you successful.

  • If you find that you can't meet the challenge, then you have a roadblock(s) that must be identified and removed.
  • If you meet the 20 Day Challenge, but don't experience sales success, then technique needs to be improved.
  • When you complete the 20 Day Challenge you will either be successful or able to see the roadblocks or techniques that need to be fixed to ensure your success.

Step 1: Verify that you're doing the work.

Roadblocks are the biggest cause of failed or mediocre results because they prevent us from getting the activity that would otherwise make us successful or more successful.


If you ever feel like you're going in circles it's because of a roadblock. The only solution is to see it, acknowledge it and choose to beat it. With the System For IPA's you get:

  • Inspection tools that help you to keep a strong, fresh and right perspective towards getting your activity.
  • Management tools that help you grow your prospecting pool, manage your leads and stay on top of your calls.
  • Process tools that make sales process activity simple and more successful.

View the following charts which shows ask and app count of 6 producers using the System For IPA's. - Click on the chart to scroll through charts.

Activity To Sales

What do you see?

  • Because sales always mirrors activity this is what assures us that as long as we do the work, we will get the reward.
  • It also says that if we didn't get the reward, it's very likely because we didn't do the work. That, or we didn't do the work well.
  • Using the System For IPA's will make it easy to discern roadblocks and improve technique to ensure you get the activity needed to succeed.

The System For IPA's works because it shifts focus from results to managing, monitoring and mastering day-to-day Income Producing Activities (IPA's).

Shift your target

The secret to making tracking easy is to build success plans that you trust and can use for how you intend to ask, create your opportunities and make your sales.

Below is a screen shot of the System For IPA's, which I would like to point out 6 important features:

  1. Available Success Plans.
  2. The ability to see your or your producers activity count and success rates.
  3. The 20 Day Challenge (your or your producers).
  4. ScoreCard menu (inspection tools that help you stay after and excited about getting your activity).
  5. Weekly success principle.
  6. Goals, reached and progress table.

Screen Shot - Home Page

Screen Shot - Choose Plan

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Telephone Flashcards can be simple or as complex as you need them to be.

Telephone Flashcards

They give you the ability to:

  • Plan your work and work your plan.
  • Score the performance of words to find better technique.
  • Beat roadblocks and increase success rates.
  • Create successful processes that everyone in your office can trust and use.
  • Conveniently track sales process activity.
  • Eliminate reduntant task that slow you down.

Managing Your Prospects:

Database View
  1. Flashcard clicks are automatically recorded allowing you to see the date of the call, type of call, who made the call and what steps were used.
  2. You can easily add an action date or x-date, assign prospect to any producer in your office or add a note.
  3. Notes added will appear in the notes field, which you can edit or delete.
  4. You can create as many custom list as you'd like and easily assign a prospect to those list.
  5. You can add prospect to your suspense list, which are the prospects most likely to buy, hide them when they're a bad prospect or send renewal reminders.
Customer List

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Logging Results

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System For IPA's

  1. Activity is the only path to sales success.
  2. When activity becomes established and maintained the result is always success.
  3. Activity must be tracked to verify if it's been done, how often and how well.
  4. To effectively track you must plan your work and work your plan.
  5. There are four Income Producing Activities in the sales process; Dial, Ask, Opportunity and Sale.
  6. Activity success rates are what determine the amount and kind of activity needed to reach a goal.
  7. If you do the work, you'll get the reward.
  8. If you're not doing the work, then what is preventing your success is a roadblock.
  9. If you're doing the work and not getting the reward, then technique needs to improve.
  10. You can't beat or fix what you cannot see, which is why learning to track is the first and most important step to sales success.
  11. Processes are necessary for making improvements or seeing what is preventing success.
  12. You can't expect until you can inspect.
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