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Helping Sales Professionals Get More Activity, In Less Time, And With Better Results.

In sales, there are only a handful of activities that produce income. This is why we call them income producing activities or IPA's. Because they are income producing the more time you spend with them the more you make. Unfortunately, there are many roadblocks like call reluctance, a poor prospecting pool, distractions, bad technique, etc that prevent or cause low levels of activity.

Dynamic Production offers the expertise, how-to, and system needed to remove roadblocks, improve technique, and increase activity. More importantly, we have the ability to systematize your processes making it easy to repeat, improve and master the activities that bring production.

Hear how easy it is to create new opportunities on a daily basis.

With cold calling comes unlimited opportunity, which is why I wanted to master it. With the System For IPA's I did just that. To the right, you can hear a sample of the type of results I getting. Click here to learn how I'm getting these results.

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Systematize - Dynamic Production Systematize - Dynamic Production Systematize - Dynamic Production Systematize - Dynamic Production
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Christine Photo Christine Routhier
  5 Stars

I was hesitant to be personally coached; but Dynamic Production definitely exceeded my expectations. Todd takes the fear and resistance out of the job and provides a very simple but effective approach to reaching potential clients. I saw an improvement on my first day with Dynamic Production's technique! Each good experience has increased my confidence and the results speak for themselves! It works!!

Bryan Photo Bryan Brown
  5 Stars

I have had a number of coaches in my 4 short years as an insurance agent. Todd Shafer definitely stands out from any other coach. He is great to work with and his system has allowed me to reach more clients and write more business. If you commit to his system I guarantee you will become a better sales person.

Bryan Photo Courtney Lovelace
  5 Stars

I only have good things to say about Dynamic Production. Todd is a fantastic coach, probably the best I've had the pleasure of working with. He is encouraging and has a way of inspiring me to pick up the phone and make my calls every day! And his process WORKS! Any one who wants to master their calls to building their book is going to want to work with Todd!

Audrey Smith-Wiberg Photo Audrey Smith-Wiberg
  5 Stars

Todd's system is AWESOME! He has taught us how valuable consistent and accurate tracking is in order to improve your processes and production! We LOVE his encouragement and his enthusiasm as our coach. Audrey @ State Farm Insurance

Kate Photo Kate C
  5 Stars

Great system! Easy to use and super easy to learn. VERY helpful in learning how to talk on the phones and lead to more sales! The program makes things a "no brainer". Anyone can learn from it and make sales! I personally love seeing the graphs and seeing my success!

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Success, Step By Step: System For IPA\'s Success, Step By Step: System For IPA\'s System For IPA\'s

The System For IPA's is today's best and most complete system for day-to-day income producing activities.

Get the help you need to improve your plan for success, technique, and learn proven steps that will make you more effective, consistent and successful.

If you're struggling with success, have producers that are struggling, need to be more consistent or want to make sales process activity simple and more successful, then give Success, Step By Step a listen.

If you need to cold call to create more quote opportunities we have a proven process for achieving very high success rates.