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Below are the guidelines we follow to ensure your sales success:

  1. Activity is the only path to sales success.
  2. When activity becomes established and maintained the result is always success.
  3. Activity must be tracked to verify if it's been done, how often and how well.
  4. To effectively track you must plan your work and work your plan.
  5. There are four Income Producing Activities in the sales process; Dial, Ask, Opportunity and Sale.
  6. Activity success rates are what determine the amount and kind of activity needed to reach a goal.
  7. If you do the work, you'll get the reward.
  8. If you're not doing the work, then what is preventing your success is a roadblock.
  9. If you're doing the work and not getting the reward, then technique needs to improve.
  10. You can't beat or fix what you cannot see, which is why learning to track is the first and most important step to sales success.
  11. Processes are necessary for making improvements or seeing what is preventing success.
  12. You can't expect until you can inspect.

System For IPA's