In sales, there is only one marketing strategy that guarantees a return for your time and effort.
Do you know what it is?

Success isn't magical, it's mathematical. As a result, anyone who wants it, can have it. However, you must do the math. This short demo will show you how.
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When we first signed up for this I was like, "This looks stupid..." Then after the first couple weeks I was like, "This totally makes sense! Just take it step by step and things happen. This is genius! It's the best thing I've ever been though."

The System For IPA's is a proven way to maximize your sales. Improve control of your current activities and conversations. Improve results by tracking and evaluating the effectiveness of your techniques, timing, and processes, then systematically implementing those verified to be the best. Details

Group Coaching is an 8 week LIVE conference call training designed to help implement and use all System For IPA's features. Trainings will lessen the learning, provide step-by-step training, and show you how to use each tool to increase activity and improve performance. Details

Together we will build your perfect system. With the System For IPA's we will test ideas, build on the one's that pass, and reject the one's that fail. When our work is complete you will have repeatable processes, proven techniques, and the perfect system for day to day income-producing activities.. Details

The System For IPA's allows you to customize every step in your sales process (or use our default techniques). It then tracks your process allowing you to score and compare the performance of techniques in every step! You can create and compare as many techniques as you'd like. Completely changing the technique or just changing one word in the technique to see if it makes a difference in performance. The system also monitors effort, performance, and goals in graphs that allow you to see patterns and trends within your sales process activities.

"Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs." - Henry Ford

With everything in steps it's much easier to:

  • Test ideas with real data
  • Find better technique
  • Identify & improve poor technique
  • Make repeatable processes
  • Measure progress

To learn more, I encourage you to read through this brief activity-based tutorial. It will reveal the true secret to sales success, the power of words, and the importance of having a system.

System For IPA's is the fastest and easiest way to SYSTEMATICALLY increase your SALES.

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