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You cannot train winging it, measure it, and it is difficult (if not impossible) to repeat when successful. Winging it doesn't promote confidence and it certainly will not make you efficient. The only thing that can do all of the above is a process. Success when winging it is an anomaly. Success through a process is expected.

The System For IPA's operates on the premise that to be successful or improve you must:

  1. Identify what steps need to be taken
  2. Establish the order of those steps

Identifying and establishing the order of steps is how you find a successful process. Repeating that process is how you achieve success. Without a process success can be difficult, random and many times not achieved at all. However, with a process comes predictability, certainty and the ability to succeed.

The System For IPA's provides the tools needed to identify steps, establish their order, and build the processes you need to increase your success. Click the red start tour button above to learn more! System For IPA's