Sun - Sep 21st, 2014
Master The Activities That Bring Production
If you're looking to make sales process activity easier and more successful, I would like to help.

For close to 20 years, I have been helping sales professionals master the activities that bring production. I myself am a sales professional and practice what I preach.

I am also a software engineer. This has afforded me the opportunity to develop tools and softwares that make sales process activity easier and more successful.

  • Increase activity
  • Improve technique
  • Learn new skills
  • Systemize your sales process
  • Professional coaching
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System For IPA's Tutorial

The Interactive Sales Manager

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Producing Champions Since 1997
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One day I called around asking for quotes. My goal was to try and discover what techniques are most commonly used. In the recorded calls below, I simply asked, "What would you recommend?" The answers were not only consistent, but somewhat surprising...


When we first signed up for this I was like, "This looks stupid..." Then after the first couple weeks I was like, "This totally makes sense! Just take it step by step and things happen. This is genius! It's the best thing I've ever been though."

For close to 20 years, I have been trying to help people understand that what most effects if activity moves forward in the sales process, or exits, is our words (technique). That the performance of technique is far more important than results alone and the true secret to great sales success. However, I have been unable to prove this. Until now!

The NEW System For IPA's allows you can customize every step in your sales process (or use our default techniques). It then tracks your process allowing you to score and compare the performance of techniques in every step! You can create and compare as many techniques as you'd like. Completely changing the technique or just changing one word in the technique to see if it makes a difference in performance. The system also monitors effort, performance, and goals in graphs that allow you to see patterns and trends within your sales process activities.

With everything in steps it's much easier to:

  • Identify & improve poor technique
  • Train
  • Advance skill
  • Find solutions
  • Increase Success

This system is powerful, easy to use, and will increase your performance in every step of the sales process. To learn more, I encourage you to read through this brief six page tutorial. It will reveal the true secret to sales success, the power of words, and the importance of having a system.