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  • Be inspired, motivated and empowered to get more activity.
  • Gain clarity, certainty and understanding of activities that make you money.
  • Work less and make more by mastering the activities that bring production.

Income Producing Activities (IPA's)

SALES ALWAYS MIRROR ACTIVITY | As a result, if you need sales then all you need is activity. Below are eight charts that prove this reality. The blue line is the cumulative asking activity (an IPA). The green line is the cumulative apps written. When looking through these charts, what do you see (click chart)?

A well known truth about sales success is that when activity goes up, sales go up. When activity flat lines, sales flat line. As a result, if you're succeeding it's because your getting your activity. If you're not, it's because you're not getting your activity. It's that simple.

WHERE THERE IS ACTIVITY, THERE IS SUCCESS | If activity is all that it takes to succeed in sales, then why do so many struggle to routinely reach their production goals?

The TYPE of activity that results in success is very distinct. When interpreted wrong, the result is long hours with little or no reward. The System For IPA's corrects this by bringing perfect distinction to the activities that bring production. We call them IPA's. An acronym for Income Producing Activities. We then systematize it, making activity simple and more success.

Benefits of the System For IPA's

  1. See your activity and progress.
  2. See the connection between your activity and success.
  3. Watch your activity count, success rates, and pay per activity.
  4. Easily calculate what amount and kind of activity ensures the accomplishment of your goals.
  5. Develop turnkey processes for turning activity into sales.
  6. Greatly improve accountability and consistency.
  7. Get training that keeps you focused, motivated and thinking about getting your ACTIVITY.

The System For IPA's gives you everything you need to do all of the above and more.

Success, Step By Step

If you're struggling with production, have producers that are struggling, need to be more consistent or want to make sales process activity simple and more successful, then you'll want to listen to Success, Step By Step.

Success, Step By Step: System For IPA's

This FREE 50 minute podcast will show you step by step:

  • What activities count as IPA's
  • The connection between IPA's and results
  • The roadblocks that prevent us from getting our IPA's
  • How to systematize IPA's to increase IPA's and beat roadblocks
  • The difference between good and bad technique and what it means to getting more IPA's
  • How easy it is to succeed at the highest level

The great thing about sales is how fast you can turn things around, increase your results and change your lifestyle for the better. All it takes is IPA's!

The Success, Step By Step podcast is 100% FREE. No login, email, credit card or personal information is required. Click here to start TODAY!

The System For IPA's is everything IPA's. It will get you thinking IPA's, logging IPA's, watching your IPA's and master IPA's.

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