Monday - September 1st, 2014
Master The Activities That Bring Production
If you're looking to make sales process activity easier and more successful, I would like to help.

For close to 20 years, I have been helping sales professionals master the activities that bring production. I myself am a sales professional and practice what I preach.

I am also a software engineer. This has afforded me the opportunity to develop tools and softwares that make sales process activity easier and more successful.

  • Increase activity
  • Improve technique
  • Learn new skills
  • Systemize your sales process
  • Professional coaching
Dynamic Production, Inc
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Dynamic Production, Inc
Producing Champions Since 1997
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One day I called around asking for quotes. My goal was to try and discover what techniques are most commonly used. In the recorded calls below, I simply asked, "What would you recommend?" The answers were not only consistent, but somewhat shocking...


Professional Coaching with a System For IPA's
Today's best training and a system for day-to-day Income-Producing Activities

  1. Improved Conversation In Each Step Of The Sales Process
  2. With the System For IPA's technique's you will find people more engaged, interested, and receptive to your approach, presentations, products, and plans. See approach & hear real call.

  3. An Organized & Consistent Approach
  4. Systems eliminate guess work, random processes, and human error. The System For IPA's provides a turnkey approach that is predictable, manageable, and will make you far more efficient, confident, and successful in each step of the sales process. Start tour to see process from start to finish.

    • Stop Winging It
    • Minimize Wasted Time
    • Achieve Greater Consistency

  5. Everything Is Measurable Allowing You To See What Is Producing Results
  6. Most people focus only on results. However, performance is far more important because it's what determines your results. Seeing performance is the key to working less, making more, and being able to predict results. More importantly, it gives you crystal clear understanding of what words, techniques, and processes are truly working. See Query Examples.

  7. One Click Multitask Functions
  8. Again, automation is key to saving time and effort. With the System For IPA's many of the routine task that you repeat daily or often have been automated and can now be done with the click of a button.

  9. About Todd Shafer
  10. With 20 years of tracking and testing techniques and processes I can assure you that I am a master in the activities that bring production. I know what words work, don't work, give you the best odds of success, and how to monitor both performance and results. As a result, there's not too many questions I can't answer or problems I haven't already solved. If you have challenge you need help with, I encourage you to explore the content on this site, complete the request contact form below, or simply give me a call at 303-986-5458. Cost & Coaching Schedule.

Master The Activities That Bring Production

Do you need a better system for sales process activity? Complete the information below and I will give you a call.