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Dynamic Production
Make sales process activity simple and more successful.
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Dynamic Production, Inc
2092 S Yank Way,
Lakewood, CO 80228
Producing Champions Since 1997


Dynamic Production, Inc has been helping sales professionals to master sales process activity since 1997. The System For IPA's is our flagship product. It provides sales professionals with step-by-step how-to, measurements and a proven process for guaranteeing your sales success.

Customizable Sales Processes

Create as many custom techniques and processes as needed! You can establish agency specific techniques and processes or each individual within your agency can establish their own. Customization allows each individual to put how they perfer to do things into their processes. The system then scores the performance of each technique and process allowing you to compare and see what is works best.

Score Technique

Scoring technique gives you proof of what words or phrases work best at producing your desired results. It also provides the proof needed for people to be open to and willing to adopt better technique. Making consistent improvements within each step of your sales processes will ultimately lead to mastering the activities that bring production and make you a top producer.

Measure Activity

As you work your processes, ScoreCards will chart your activity and performance within each step. ScoreCards make activity fun, improve consistency and allow you to see if you're doing what matters, doing it often and doing it well.

Being Sales Smart
Being sales smart is the process of thinking, choosing and acting from a place of principle. Principles that are proven to govern sales success.

System For IPA's