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Making day-to-day Income-Producing Activities (IPA's) simple and more successful.

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It's amazing what can be accomplished when you're able to SEE what's being done, how often and how well!

The System For IPA's makes tracking sales process activity easy. With it you can:

  • Create easy to use repeatable/workable processes
  • Score performance of words, technique and strategies
  • Chart activity, performance and sales

"Only those who see the invisible can do the impossible!" - Albert Einstein

Plan your work, work your plan!

Easily create work flows for converting calls, pivots, or conversations into sales. Eliminate guess work, consistently repeat your best technique and make your sales process activity simple and more successful.

Measure Activity!

As you work your plans, ScoreCards will chart your activity and performance within each step. ScoreCards make activity fun, improve consistency and allow you to see if you're doing what matters, doing it often and doing it well.

Be Sales Smart!

Being sales smart is the process of thinking, choosing and acting from a place of principle. Principles that are proven to produce results.

System For IPA's