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Stop The Struggle

Todd Shafer"Being the agent and programmer as afforded me the opportunity to field test and improve each process until it proved to increase my results, save me time, and make a task simple and more successful."

There are a lot of systems to choose from, but what makes the System For IPA's better than all of them is how it affects your skill and attitude towards the activities that bring success.

If you're struggling, need to make agency activities simple and more successful, tired of guessing, want concrete facts that guide and inspire you, and want to work less and make more, then I would like to help.

After being a sales coach for 20 years, I will not hand hold, beg you to act, hold you accountable or candy coat reality. However, I will give you proven how-to, the means to do it, drill on the procedure and technique, and give you a system that does everything it promises to do.

Predicts future premium Green Checkbox
Automates mundane task Green Checkbox
Keeps you on top of prospecting opportunities Green Checkbox
Reminds you of important to do's and events Green Checkbox
Gives you processes to follow Green Checkbox
Scores performance of techniques and processes Green Checkbox
Gives you insight and perspective Green Checkbox
Encourages activity Green Checkbox
Provides perfect prospecting tools Green Checkbox
Provides perfect presentation tools Green Checkbox
Gives purpose and a sense of accomplishment to each task Green Checkbox
Makes activity fun and sales process activity simple and more successful Green Checkbox