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Todd Shafer"Being the agent and programmer as afforded me the opportunity to field test and improve each process until it proved to increase my results, save me time, and make a task simple and more successful."

Ronald Reagan once said, "I heard hard work never killed anyone, but I figure why give it a chance." I agree and when my sales activity brought with it tons of additional work the last thing I wanted to do was to get more activity. Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to a little hard work. What I oppose is what I call minutia.

Insurance is a detail-intensive industry. Rather it is underwriting requirements, having trusted sales techniques, questionnaires, renewal reminders, x-dates, to do's, follow up, developing processes, etc. It all adds up and can make agency activities overwhelming and stressful. This is minutia and what I needed to eliminate to enjoy my agency.

I learned the hard way that repeating an effort, overlooking a detail, second-guessing, and working without a process makes everything more difficult, erodes time, produces errors, and will wear you out.

Thankfully, and over time, I started building processes to take over the mundane task, keep me informed of opportunities, give me procedures to follow that were quick, proven, and easy to follow. Most importantly, I needed to be able to see what I was doing and to know what was working and what wasn't. Every effort needed a purpose, which it now has. Upon completing my system it literally felt like I could do five times the work I was doing, and yet I was doing it in less time. It's an amazing feeling and has allowed me to dramatically increase my activity and results.

If you're struggling, need to make agency activities simple and more successful, tired of guessing and want concrete facts that guide and inspire you, and want to work less and make more, then I would like to help.

2019 System Preview

Tuesday, December 4th, 12 to 1 pm (MST)

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No huge upfront cost or long-term commitments. Reasonable pay as you go plan. If my system fails to deliver you can cancel at any time. I will not spam, sell, or share your information. I am first and foremost an insurance professional with a desire to build one of Colorado's most successful agencies. I knew to achieve this goal that I needed a system. I now have it and couldn't imagine trying to build my agency without it. If you're struggling, then I would like to help. If it wasn't for the excruciatingly long hours, engineering, testing, re-engineering, re-testing, then I might have given it away. However, because I can spare you of this painstaking process I know it's worth way more than I charge. My preview is free and I am limited in the number of people I can help. If you relate with what I've shared, then I encourage you to register today!

After being a sales coach for 20 years, I will not hand hold, beg you to act, hold you accountable or candy coat reality. I will show you exactly how to do something, give you the means to do it, drill on the procedure, and give you a system that does everything it promises to do.